So, what can I do for you?

Having undergone a physical transformation of my own, I have experienced first-hand the mental and physical effects of effective training and nutrition.
Juggling between studying, work, a social life and so on can be hard. No denying that. But it is not impossible. You just need to work smart and incorporate it all within your schedule.

In addition to the one-on-one personal training I also offer online coaching services. So drop me a message if you need me to assess your exercise and diet regime to help you achieve your goals! I will not write meals plans (unless you need me to), but rather teach you how to make the right food choices with your goals in mind.

Essentially, this will enable you to be the master of your own diet, whilst I control your intake via macronutrient numbers and nutritional guidelines.

As part of this service I will not feed you Rosemary Conley, WeightWatchers, Slim-Fast or any other diet fads, nor any pre-made exercise routines. Relative to your desired results, all nutrition and training advice will be tailored and optimised to suit you and your lifestyle. We will then have weekly check-ins and live consultations (all the while 24/7 email support will also be available).


Twelve week period: £399.
Nutrition OR training only: £199.


Individual sixty minute session: £49.
Purchase block of ten and get on free.

Because what I assumed to be just a hobby has blossomed into a lifestyle and first-hand experience equips you with knowledge.

These are some of the things covered:













Here's a handful of

“I have been working out with Cornel for almost two months now and I am enjoying the workouts and the progress I have made. He knows how to push you in a fun way and has a wide range of workouts that leave you shattered. Would recommend him to anyone serious about achieving their fitness goals.”

Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim Aerospace Engineer

“Diverse sessions. Knowledgeable. Entertaining. Cares about my goals. Couldn't have chosen a better personal trainer.”

Noury Hmicho
Noury Hmicho Finance Banking

“Been working with Cornel for a month and a half now and I'm really enjoying the workouts. Highly recommend!”

Rhiann Hickman
Rhiann Hickman Mental Health Nurse

“After quite a few years of not going to the gym or doing any form of exercise, I signed up for two sessions per week with cornel. After each and every session I feel like I have worked really hard and I am very pleased with my progress! Thank you Cornel for pushing me!”

Kirsty Pearce
Kirsty Pearce Beauty Therapist

“I bought a block of ten sessions with Cornel last month. Having had my knees injured in rugby a while back, my strength levels had dropped considerably. He puts me through my paces each and every session. And not only am I now able to comfortably squat again, but only last week I managed to smash my all time PR too! Definitely recommend!”

Edward Hurrion
Edward Hurrion 3rd Line Infrastructure Support

“Cornel is very friendly and very professional. Having worked with several other personal trainers in the past, there is definitely no going back. Thoroughly enjoy every session and would recommend him to anyone!”

James Powner
James Powner Sales Manager

“Just to say thank you for all the PT sessions, I have so enjoyed them and you have really pushed me further than I thought I could. Having experienced gym injuries before, sometimes I think I don't push myself hard enough but you definitely got the balance right.”

Catherine Petty
Catherine Petty Financial Controller

“I've been training with Cornel for a little over three months. In this time, I have seen a body transformation better than what I'd achieved in the past decade! Cornel is a thoroughly dedicated and passionate PT, going above and beyond to tailor a hypertrophy training programme which delivered the results that I was after. Following an unrelated injury, Cornel was quick to adapt my training programme to help with my rehabilitation. I can't recommend Cornel's services enough - you couldn't ask for better from a personal trainer. Thank you!”

Chris Hyder
Chris Payner Senior Service Engineer

“Cornel has exceptional knowledge and motivation that pushes you past your limits! Great advice on nutirition and keeps me on my toes at all times for those lazy days that need that little extra push! Highly reccomended!”

Wes Cook
Wesley Cook Sales Negotiator

“Cornel is an exceptional PT. If you want to get into the best shape of your life, you need the help of Cornel. He will work you hard in the gym and get your diet on point to see massive changes on the scales and in the mirror. He understand the pit falls of lifestyle, and will mentor you and educate you to reach your goal.”

Rob Groves
Rob Groves Prestige Cars Consultant

“I've never hated my body but my goal for this year was to be in the best shape possible. Training with Cornel has helped me achieve this, every training session was made enjoyable, pushing me further than I thought I could go. He gave me the confidence to feel happy to be able train by myself in between our sessions. Would highly recommend.”

Candice Edwards
Candice Edwards Purchase Ledger Supervisor