Winter Training

Winter Training
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It’s definitely that time of the year. We’re off to work in the rain then driving back home in the dark! Winter training takes on a different feel and because of that, some of us may need to change the approach slightly. One thing you should definitely not do however is stop training altogether. I know you feel lethargic, I know you are cold, but just remember that any work done now will be revealed in spring.

Get In The Gym And Tackle Your Weaknesses

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This is the perfect of time of year for workouts in a chilled, dry and relatively empty gym. The gym is a good environment for controlled training such as strength training or specific cardio intervals. So put together a workout that is specific to your goals and then the time will be well spent. Because I am in a slight calorific surplus, my workouts revolve more around strength training; as the extra energy should technically allow me to shift heavier weights. And if there is a specific element of fitness that you typically tend to avoid, make sure to tackle it now as you can afford lengthier sessions when the weather is naff.

Build Your Base And Stay Healthy

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Let’s look at endurance or base training. We are talking about your body’s ability to tick over at a low level, often around 60-65% effort. Build your base fitness now and by springtime, you should have a solid foundation allowing you to move on to more speed work. And just because you are adding in some additional calories, it doesn’t mean you should spill over and turn to junk food every day. Avoid late night binges on stodge, multiple Christmas blowouts and central heating! There are lots of viruses flying around this time of year so it’s important to simply stay healthy. Eat plenty of antioxidants, reduce training if you’re feeling run down and get plenty of sleep. This is a key part of getting through the winter.



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    Richard C Fortner
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    Paul K Groover
    15th April 2017 at 00:47

    Smashed it mate nice post! Do the same principles apply for summertime? HA

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      Common sense prevails. 110%. Thanks Paul!

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