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Love Yourself

Positive Manifesto

With my recent increase in cardio, listening to self-learning and psychology podcasts, as well as numerous motivational talks has become a bit of a habit. I have come to the conclusion that being positive is not about denying difficulties…

Healthy VS Unhealthy Food

Low Carb Diet: Food Substitutes

If you are either carb cycling or following a low-carb diet 24/7, the not knowing what sides to pick to accompany your protein can pose a tough problem. The obvious, simplest and healthiest solution is to just have piles…

Winter Training Post Image 01

Winter Training

Shot with my iPhone 6s. It’s definitely that time of the year. We’re off to work in the rain then driving back home in the dark! Winter training takes on a different feel and because of that, some of…

ELD Cover

Embrace Leg Day

Your torso may look impressive when you hit the beach but what about below the waist? Do yourself favour and quit sporting joggers all the time. Put some shorts on and wise up, it’s time to grow your quads.…

What's Stopping You

Start Building Quality Muscle

Being able to express and share my passion with others, as well as seeing my clients achieve their goals is one of the biggest motivators, constantly enhancing my drive and allowing me to maintain my determination. If it wasn’t…