SixPax Macro Diet Plan

As a fitness professional, and with my own health goals lying at the forefront of my mind alongside my clients, finding innovative ways of shaking nutrition up is imperative. It can be so easy to get stuck into a routine of eating the same thing daily, under a slightly misguided notion that this is the only way.

Fill up on protein and vitamins and avoid the carbs (unless you are building) and you are sorted. The bench press will take care of the rest or you will be fuelled to take on the challenges of GRID classes, safe in the knowledge that you have followed the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle. But this approach can grate after a while. Your body goes onto autopilot, anticipating the next intake of lean mince and brocolli, stripped of additional flavour if you are taking it the extreme and counting the calories down to single figures.

What started as a way of improving your personal fitness, supplementing your gym work by taking it all the way to the smoothie bar, can become torture. The moment the pressure mounts and you turn down the occasional item that isn’t on the strict mealplan, denying yourself a fleeting pleasure, it may be time for a brief diversion.

An innovative new way of piling in the essentials for healthy living and muscle building that is far from a painful experience, offering a flexible door-to-door service to suit your lifestyle, and always freshly prepared, the company is making strides towards becoming a trusted name in the fitness world.

This is where the revolutionary SixPax Foods comes in.

SixPax Pizza
Mediterranean Vegetable, Mozzarella And Vegetable Pizza. Photo by SixPax Foods.

You know I tell things straight, be it I am sponsored or not. And I would never recommend any one product unless I truly believed in it. My first impressions of SixPax are largely positive. For a start, the packs which I have received – in particular the healthy pizza and turkey meatballs – were filling enough to keep me full and resist the temptation to snack, but also the fact that they tasted so good was even more satisfying. It can be tough to get the balance right between taste and fat-shredding nutrition but these guys manage this pretty well!

Without going into specifics, only a couple of the dishes left me ever so slightly underwhelmed. Maybe I was expecting every flavour to sizzle on the tongue or leave me craving more but SixPax definitely gets it right more often than not. I suppose not all the nosh will appeal to everyone and we all have our very own personal preferences.

Another positive aspect of the meals is the high fibre content – an essential nutrient that, among other benefits, lowers the risk of heart disease or diabetes. SixPax provides enough of this sustenance to fuel your active lifestyle and work wonders below surface level.

SixPax Meatballs
Cherry Tomato And Turkey Meatballs. Photo by SixPax Foods.

As the website states (and showcases), the meals will “help to strip body fat, promote muscle growth and get your body ripped”. As I have only been trialling it for one month, over the short term the effects aren’t going to be felt deeply, but health and fitness is always a long game with short term gains. The amount of calories required for you to make progress will differ from mine (we have different BMR’s, activity levels, et cetera) but my one month experience has definitely allowed me to evidently harden up, stripping the body fat little by little whilst maintaining my muscle mass.

The weight, as expected when clearing the junk out, has dropped a few figures but I won’t go into specifics as I don’t want to mislead you – when you first fix up the diet, you will inevitably see major changes on the scales due to water retention levels and so on.

This is where SixPax excels as they clearly recognise that customers will be approaching from different viewpoints, expecting varying results at a variety of speeds. The food is tasty enough to satisfy the pallet whilst they don’t make statements about the immediacy of the outcomes that it can’t back up.

SixPax Snack Pack
Snack Pack. Photo by SixPax Foods.

Another one of their great strengths is that you get given almost total control over your selections. Depending on the plan you choose and your own fitness goals, SixPax has a plan to suit everybody. The food is best taken in small portions throughout the day to keep your appetite satisfied whilst allowing you to increase your metabolic efficiency.

Coming vacuum packed to your door at a time that suits you, these guys sure do make it easy for you to stay in control. One thing I feel could be an issue however is the freshness of the products across the span of a week. In my opinion, a system of twice weekly deliveries or collections, where the food is prepped for a short period and stays fresher for longer could enhance the appeal. By the end of the sixth day, the vibrant look and temptating taste of their line had lost its lustre slightly. Alternatively, although I haven’t tried it, I am certain you can freeze the meals and then defrost as and when required.

In order to keep motivation at peak levels I was careful to ensure I underwent regular Boditrax check-ins. Seeing consistent progress across my early experience kept up the energy that the food was providing. SixPax is on the right track.



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