Foods You Should Be Avoiding

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Following up on my previous post, some of you guys may be thinking “hmm so it is OK to eat sweets, but what foods should I be avoiding?”

Well, know this: you need to stop worrying and quit debating because the truth is, there aren’t! No food type can hinder your fat loss progress! And if anyone else tells you otherwise, have none of it!

There is no such food that will stop (or even slow down) your fat shedding process. This goes right back to me preaching the process of accounting for your macros. As long as those foods fit within your daily macronutrient requirements, you can have pizza, ice cream, chocolate or anything else you want.

It irritates me when amateur personal trainers or coaches put clients on a brutally low calorific content, then add several hours of cardio on top in order to make you lose weight. I think it’s quite absurd! Anyone that knows what they’re talking about will provide you with the adequate information to help you lose body fat while retaining muscle mass AND you still have the freedom to enjoy the foods you love, in moderation.

According to your body composition, it all comes down tailoring the plan to suit your goals and schedule! There is no need to resort to extreme plans or diets. They’re not healthy. They’re not sustainable. And they’re very boring! You want to get the job done on as many calories as possible and you want to be able to eat burgers and pizza and sweets and crisps and still lose weight! This is by far easier to adapt to and the overall process is much more enjoyable!

Flexible dieting (IIFYM) works for everyone – it really does not matter what types of foods you eat. For as long as you hit your daily targets (in terms of carbs, protein, fats and fiber), as well as get your micronutrients covered, you’re all good! You are free to tuck into anything you like.



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    Millie Rosa
    18th October 2016 at 15:42

    Love your blog! Wish you had told me about it sooner 🙂

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      Cornel Ene
      24th October 2016 at 16:03

      Haha Millie! Better late than never!

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