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We all love a bit of health and fitness don’t we. At least, I imagine the people who read this blog do. Personally, I bloody love it and I’m always up for learning new things, and keeping my mind open to new ideas.

Social media, podcasts and YouTube can be a great way to learn new stuff. The problem is that some of it is really good and some of it is about as useful as a bag of peanuts to someone with a nut allergy.

Here I have listed my top 3 people / channels that I follow who I think give out the best advice – and your time would be much better spent checking them out than watching another episode of Corrie.

They all have one thing in common – they are no nutrition snobs. They are open to ideas and will not start a social media war when someone posts something that they don’t necessarily agree with.

In no particular order…

Joe Wicks

The Body Coach
Image courtesy of The Body Coach.

Love him or hate him, Joe Wicks has become a bit of a celebrity. His meteoric rise has seen him go from doing boot camps in Surbiton, to becoming a record-breaking author, to having his own show on Channel 4 in just a few years.

Lean In 15” has gone global and both, Joe and the concept are fast becoming a household name. While his unique style isn’t to everyone’s taste, fundamentally he is doing a lot of good things – getting people to take a look at their diets, eat whole foods, understand foods, and to try different forms of training in the form of Facebook Live or YouTube videos. And if you want to get really upclose and personal, his Snapchat is worth a follow too.

Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber
Image courtesy of Ben Coomber.

The first time I heard about Ben was a few years ago when I noticed his podcast on iTunes. It was sitting pretty at the top of the health and fitness charts. 200+ episodes later, the podcast is still going strong. There’s a great mixture of content on there from his own opinions on things, chats with Rachel Guy and interviews with industry professionals from athletes to mindset coaches.

Ben also runs the Body Type Nutrition Academy where Personal Trainer / coaches can get further qualifications and where nutrition enthusiasts can enhance their knowledge. Not forgetting the Facebook Live Q&A’s, blog posts, nationwide seminars and creating Awesome Supplements.

The Lean Machines

The Lean Machines
Image courtesy of The Lean Machines.

YouTube was where I first discovered John and Leon aka The Lean Machines. What makes these guys stand out is that they make training and nutrition fun – they don’t take things too seriously but put out quality information and content. With over 350 videos on YouTube, they cover all the bases from Q&A’s, to vlogs, workouts and recipes.

Earlier this year they too entered the publishing world and released “Eat Well, Move Better and Feel Awesome” which is a really cool book and is definitely worth a read!

Who do you guys follow? Is there some good stuff I’m missing out on?


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