Poole & Bournemouth based personal trainer

Hello! I’m Cornel Ene, the creator and loving owner of this website!

With an implanted drive to succeed and a growing thirst to learn, my love for fitness began from a young age. Conversely, after completing higher education, my interest for computers was also strongly maturing, leading me to study about it at university.

Having graduated in Computer Science at Brunel University, I followed the natural path and pursued it as a career. Worked for the NHS in West London for one year before I decided to move back to the sunny South Coast. Once I moved back just at the start of summer, I continued my work but for a smaller firm, with some very promising career prospects. It all happened very fast. Which is why I started to have second thoughts about whether I was passionate enough or doing it for the social prestige and financial security. I spent two years in the industry and while working in an office environment; I had that constant ache to be active.

In 2015 whilst still working in IT, through socialising with various like-minded individuals, I decided to sign up for my first ever competition – the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation (BNBF) – drug free & tested. Hard work, discipline and consistency helped me place 1st!🏅 This accomplishment supported all of my friends and family’s argument that I should be going down this route and take up personal training as a career, because it was evident it’s what makes me happy. I then began studying in my spare time and consequently passed the relevant exams to allow me to work in a fitness facility. From there on, I attained more and more qualifications and my expertise continued to flourish. I am currently a Master Personal Trainer for David Lloyd in Poole. This enables me to coach others so they can achieve their goals even more efficiently.

From a personal development perspective, the opportunities were far more advanced within fitness field. The pay cut didn’t come into the decision. I wanted to feel fulfilled by what I do and I figured if I were ever going to transition from one career to another, this was going to be the best time to do it.

I am truly fortunate to do what I love. I welcome the opportunity to learn more and constantly look forward to the next challenge.